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Pacific R is a Blues Rock band that formed in 2015.

"Having spent many years playing covers for a variety of musical groups, we wanted to bring out an album where we played our own music. We spent the autumn writing and composing, and then practised our songs during the 2015-2016 winter period, and started working in the studio in the spring."

The album was released early last summer, and by july was already broadcast on a Nashville radio station!

Véro's enchanting and charismatic singing voice, with its warm, sultry tones, has an electrifying quality that perfectly complements tunes that you find yourself humming after listening just a few times.

An upbeat groovy or muscular rhythm section, heightened by guitar riffs that are light and airy or dark and brooding depending on the tone of the songs, adds to the sense of frenetic energy that is the standout feature of this album.

From the timeless themes of love to the more modern themes of time-consuming computer games, invasive emails or exasperation with the world of media and politics, with lyrics in both French and English, the album offers an exhilarating range of topics that creates an astonishing musical cocktail, aptly named "Eclectic"!

With the very same determination they show on stage, Pacific R has achieved an album of maturity.

The album "ECLECTIC" is on sale !

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